We solve problems, lower total costs, create a long-term,
mutually beneficial alliance, improve product quality, increase responsiveness, and help clients achieve a greater peace of mind.
Personalized Service
Pinnacle Petroleum, Inc. will customize a petroleum supply program
specific to your needs, using a variety of innovative techniques:
  • Price Predictability Programming
  • Risk Management to control and stabilize fuel costs
  • Detailed Reporting and Analysis
  • 24 hour on-call available with a live person
  • Personal Attention
Fuel Management
We provide a state-of-the-art, remote tank monitoring package that may be
accessed by logging in. Our system is a pre-engineered, fuel storage tank
package delivered to your site for easy installation
  • Avoid wild price fluctuations
  • Optimize on-hand inventory
  • Accessible by anyone in the organization
  • No more wasted man-hours spent sticking tanks
  • No costly requirements
  • No costly telephone lines
Measurable Cost Savings
Our Fuel Management program provides concise, multiple level analysis.
Our information is used to pinpoint problem areas, control costs,
streamline and improve overall efficiency and lower fuel costs.
Dedicated Employees
Every employee demonstrates the highest degree of professionalism and
commitment. Our long standing customer relationships are a testimony to
our success.
Quality Commitment
We are committed to understanding and meeting the requirements of our
customers with prompt, courteous, personalized service. Even in the most
challenging of circumstances, we will be uncompromising in our
commitment to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction
through hard work and a keen understanding of our customer's needs.